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Covid 19 Set Safety

Covid 19 has transformed the way we worked in 2020. In consultation with industry guilds and unions we have taken these pandemic protocols to heart and put them into practice on our sets ever since.

The following practices form the foundation of our Covid 19 Production Safety protocols: 

  1. There will be regular testing of the cast and all crew involved in the day’s work and over time. 

  2. Testing is not infallible. Thus, physical and social controls will be essential to ensuring a safe work environment. 

  3. PPE is required for everyone involved in production. Masks, visors and goggles are made available to all crew for each shoot.

  4. The Zone System will be in place, carefully guarding against contact between those in the main company and other individuals. 

  5. There will be closed sets so that only those people required to be in proximity of the filming will be present. We have created a system of remote camera and audio feeds so clients, studios and agency partners can participate from the safety of their home offices.

  6. There will be a Covid safety supervisor in a discrete unit to oversee the production process. 

  7. Strict physical distancing guidelines and the use of appropriate PPE at all times will be in effect except where not possible due to on-camera performance or in circumstances where the individual’s job function does not allow for physical distancing, in which case appropriate PPE will be worn at all times. 

  8. There will be reduced shooting hours, preferably a 10-hour shooting day, to allow time for monitoring, cleaning and protocols that reduce transmission risk, and to keep the cast and crew well rested. 

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