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We travel the globe shooting inspiring and meaningful stories used on a multitude of platforms that include theatrical, broadcast and all social media channels. Our workflow incorporates a deep dive into creative development that ensures alignment of brand with content, and high production value with measurability across all platforms. Our compelling, branded narratives serve a client list that includes Hollywood studios, broadcasters, corporations and social impact organizations. We love what we do as filmmakers and storytellers and this shows in the emotional engagement and innovative brand integration our clients achieve with their audiences.


The Beating Heart Of A Brand

We start with the end in mind. We work with our clients to clarify their specific challenges and opportunities so we can provide the best cinematic solution. This process is refined throughout the project, digging into available research, pre-interviewing subjects and exploring the real story as the creative process unfolds. What is at the heart of the brand we are serving? What will best express the needs of our client and the audience they desire to influence Our expertise as documentary driven, commercial filmmakers also keeps us open to learning new information in the field as we explore, shoot and dig into the story. We share our discoveries with our clients as we go. This kind of curiosity and flexibility helps our client partners stay in tune with the needs of their market, the imaginations of their target demographic and allows us to better fulfill a brand’s real needs with engaging, shareable storytelling.

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Hitting the Target

Our job is to help our clients hit the bullseye of engagement with their brand. This is where the discovery process informs and inspires the brand’s core story. We create visual representations of what will best serve the brand storytelling, we write visionary and achievable creative briefs that cut through the noise of development and into the heart of the brand experience. We take everything that we have learned and put it “on paper” for everyone to breath in, consider and fine-tune until we reach our client’s target.


The Map​

After the design process is complete, we prepare for shooting. We assemble our team, interview/audition and book on-camera talent, finalize locations, costuming, set design, and the detailed plan of our shoot days. We also start preparing postproduction. Pre-production is the realistic engine behind the success of efficient shooting days that ensures the project is on-time and on-budget.

Designer Teamwork Brainstorming Planning

Capturing the Story

Our job is to capture the brand’s story cinematically, using all the tools in our expertise as filmmakers to emotionally and visually take your breath away, capture your attention and steal your heart. We hire the best crew suited to the story, secure the most beautiful locations, leverage the unique qualities of our subjects, utilize the latest in cinema cameras, lighting, audio and special effects to film a story that will stop viewers in their tracks

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Post Production

Editorial Evolution 

Our editors are story-tellers of the first order. They are the director’s partners in the editing bays, assembling the stories that leave everlasting impressions. Once we do a first, polished pass at a brand story that includes the cinematic visuals, the music, special effects and graphics, we explore the next level with our clients. This stage of review is exciting for everyone as we listen to the feedback and refine accordingly. The editorial evolution from the initial creative into a polished, cinematic brand expression that energizes our clients and their excitement to launch.

The Launch

Designed Delivery

With a final, approved cut on all the storytelling components, we upload the polished content for the client’s distribution on appropriate channels including social media, broadcast, theatrical rotation and to their own websites. Every one of our partner clients have different delivery needs and these are all established during the discovery process.

On Air Sign

It's a HIT! 

Video is a powerful way to form relationships with an audience through emotional connection. It’s a medium we are hardwired to respond to. Thanks to digital marketing metrics available on all contemporary channels, launches of video based storytelling are measurable at an incredibly granular level.


Awareness + Affinity + Growth

Each cycle of content creation affords further exploration of the brand’s evolution, awareness, affinity and growth, adding insights into each storytelling opportunity.


We typically work with our clients through several project iterations that, over time, have their own story to tell through the lens of audience connection and reaction.

This style of cinematic connectivity is a visual call to action for each and every brand. They can raise awareness, educate, reduce attrition and increase revenue, they serve to connect, inspire and motivate.

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