Karen Somers & Company is a creative studio that works with the best production and design professionals in Hollywood. The company’s namesake, Karen Somers, is an experienced broadcast and theartical producer, shooter, director, writer and photographer. Karen brings a unique level of creativity, expertise and problem solving abilities to every assignment because of her wide range of professional skills.

Her production work includes documentary specials, reality shows, feature films, music videos, documentary shorts, online content and television commercials. Photography assignments include photos for magazines, websites, fashion, music and television.

Karen Somers & Company is located in Los Angeles, California and our wide ranging assignments have taken us around the world.




Environmentally-Friendly-Logo-bigWe look for efficient and environmentally focused opportunities to serve our clients, our projects and the environment. Our crew creates eco-opportunities whether it’s in the use of solar power, hybrid vehicles or eco-friendly products and supplies. Re-purposing materials, composting and recycling is a common feature on our locations and a theme in our business. Environmental practices touch all of our activities, from film sets to events.