Karen Somers has worked with some of the biggest entertainment studios and production houses in Hollywood.

Karen typically takes each assignment from development through post, directing, producing and shooting. Karen’s extensive network of global production talent allows her to add additional crew as needed in each city and country. She works with clients to create unique, beautiful branded content that compliment online marketing campaigns and provide fans with the kind of rich content that enhances the brand’s narrative and their audience’s experience.


@DisneyAnimation Shorts

Karen directed, produced and shot for production house Blue Giant and Disney to create this once in a lifetime gathering of animation giants chatting with actor/comedian T.J. Miller. This branded entertainment content was created to promote Disney’s Shorts Program and the DVD release. It lives on the DVD and on the web.

ARCADIA – Unlocking The Mystery

Karen wrote, produced, directed, shot and post produced this branded content short for Blue Giant and ABC Studios. It was created on behalf of the State of Georgia profiling the experience the supernatural series “Resurrection” had shooting in this truly beautiful state.

WILDERNESS CHALLENGE DOCUMENTARY – Northrup Grumman and San Diego Zoo Global

Karen Somers and Company was tasked to shoot a documentary short for Northrup Grumman’s Wilderness Challenge in the Arctic. We followed teams of engineers and scientists as they test a new style of UAV on polar bear territory. The UAV specializes in silently tracking an endangered species in an incredibly tough climate.

The Sloths

Karen Somers & Company created and shot a documentary short on the iconic LA band “The Sloths” for AARP’s new branded content channel. “The Sloths” documentary short won Gold and Silver CINDY Awards for best Interactive Media Content; Best Documentary Featurette; Directing (Karen Somers) /Special Achievement Award; Cinematography (Karen Somers) / Special Achievement Award 2016.

“Hard Target II” Branded Content – Universal

Karen shot, produced and directed this scripted short on location in Thailand. It features the stars of “Hard Target II” for clients Deluxe Digital Studios and Universal Studios Home Video division.

McFarland Reflections

Karen directed and produced this short film for Blue Giant and The Disney company to promote the release of the McFarland film to home video.

@DisneyAnimation Shorts Introduction To “Lorenzo”

Karen worked with the creative teams at Blue Giant and Disney to shoot and produce a series of introductions to award winning shorts featured in their annual shorts program. The ever delightful animation director, Mike Gabriel in the host.

@Disney Bound Branded Content

This in-store branded content short was created by Blue Giant for Walmart and Disney. I produced, directed and shot the Canadian content featuring Disney Bound creator, Leslie Kay with a small Canadian crew that Karen sourced and hired. Karen is also a Canadian citizen and in the cinematographer’s guild in Canada.

“Honey III – Behind the Dance” – Universal

Karen shot, produced and directed this behind-the-scenes peak into the making of the third Hip Hop hit “Honey III” in South Africa for client Deluxe Digital Studios and Universal’s Home Video division.

Home Away From Home

Karen worked with Disney and full service production house, Blue Giant, to conceive, prep, shoot and post “A Home Away From Home”. Part Behind-The-Scenes, part travelogue, this branded content short celebrates a southern city that has quietly become Hollywood’s home away from home. Karen hired the local team, produced, shot A Cam and directed the project from concept through post and delivery.

Gortimer Gibbons On Normal Street – The Set Tour


Karen directed, produced, shot, wrote and post-produced several Behind-The-Scenes shorts for Blue Giant and Amazon Kids. This is the tour the show’s young stars helped us to create between takes for the show.